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Latrobe Fertiliser Holdings Limited

AEC ( was incorporated on 17 November 2004. The company’s founders are the original founders of Australian Power & Energy Limited (APEL).

AEC developed the Latrobe Fertiliser Project which will take gasified coal as a feedstock to produce urea fertiliser, a vital source of nitrogen for the agricultural sector.

As result of a demerger  between Australian Energy Company and Latrobe Fertilisers Limited, "Latrobe Fertiliser Holdings Limited” was incorporated in June 2009.


APEL was formed to compete in a global tender conducted by the Victorian Government in 1999 to utilise Victoria’s vast reserves of brown coal in an environmentally sustainable way.

Anglo American Group PLC (Anglo) purchased APEL and is now collaborating with Shell on a coal to liquids (CTL) project. The APEL project has now been renamed Monash Energy Ltd (