Company Background


  • Latrobe Fertilisers Limited was incorporated on the 13th September 2012.
  • The company is an unlisted public company with 237 shareholders.
  •  The company is able to list simply by complying with the minimum number of shareholder rules, and depending on the stock exchange, the trading history and capital adequacy rules.
  •  The present company was formed as a new company at the request of its Chinese shareholder and Asia’s largest urea producer in the Hubei Yihua Group (Yihua), who own 15% of Latrobe after becoming a shareholder in our company.
  •  Yihua requested that a “clean skin” company be formed to own the Latrobe Urea Project when they became an equity holder, and so existing shareholders in the prior company received a pari passu issue of shares in “Newco” which was called Latrobe Fertilisers Limited. Yihua then followed with their shareholding.
  •  The company has had an interim board of directors during its formative period and a group of very senior experienced and successful Directors Elect have agreed to join the board on the completion of the current equity raising.
  • With regard to the “Current Status” developments on funding, the Board Elect will likely
    assume the positions in the running of the company during August 2017.